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Key customer touchpoints: customer bill, transponder application form, customer notices and correspondence

407 bill design
407 application design
407 notice design
407 letter design

Clear communication across key customer documents 

Toll road operator, 407ETR, asked Simplified to assess its key customer documents for clarity and comprehension.


Based on our findings and recommendations, we worked with their internal stakeholders to redesign four types of documents – the customer bill, notices, correspondence and application forms.



  • The new bill design includes:

    • a summary of the total amount the customer owes and a breakdown of charges of trips taken on the privately owned highway and the provincial government’s toll road.

    • A module on page 1 is dedicated to important, personalized messages to help customers manage their account and get the best value from using the toll highway.

    • Marketing jargon was scrubbed in favour of plain language descriptions.

  • Notices for accounts that were overdue were rewritten in plain language, including clear calls to action.

  • The application forms have plain language in place of legal-style text, content has been re-ordered, and a new layout makes them easier to complete.

  • The number of letter templates has been reduced by more than 50%. Content is organized into bite-sized pieces flagged with helpful, attention-getting titles.



  • The customer bill passed comprehension and readability tests with flying colours. 407ETR implemented it exactly as it was designed.

  • Forms submitted now have fewer errors.

  • Customer Service Representatives are able to select letter templates more quickly and accurately.

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