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energy bill design

Customer bills for Energy companies

Designing customer-friendly energy bills

Research firms like J.D. Power have provided clear evidence that energy bills have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Despite this, many energy companies continue to send customer bills that are far from being customer-friendly.


The challenge

What customers want in a utility bill seems simple enough – how much they owe and when they have to pay. So why do so many bills result in customer confusion and busy call centres? The challenges are many and include:

  • industry, regulatory and company jargon

  • bar charts and pie charts that are hard to read and interpret

  • complicated price plans and programs that are poorly explained.


Keys to designing a customer-friendly energy bill

  1. A snapshot of what the customer owes and the payment due date.

  2. Information graphics that help convey information more quickly and clearly.

  3. Intuitive plain language headings, descriptors and explanations.

  4. Content organized in a logical flow.

We’ve helped more than a dozen energy companies in Canada and the USA redesign their bills, including Arizona Public Service, Con Edison - NYC, EPCOR, NB Power, Ontario Hydro, Pepco Holdings, PSE&G and Union Gas.  

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